Cost of Capital - 2024 CAMPUT Energy Regulation Course
May 28, 2024

Canada's energy and utility regulators annually host an energy regulation course. Ms. Taylor was invited to teach the the cost of capital module of that program in 2024. In the presentation slides, Ms. Taylor reviews the key variables that must be decided by a regulator to appropriately reflect capital costs in just and reasonable rates, the principles that inform regulatory discretion, and why cost of capital is so contentious. The accompanying Discussion Document is an example of how a market-based range of ROE and ERP can be isolated.

Closing the Door
February 22, 2022

Ontario Bill 87 was intended to strengthen the governance and operating framework of the Ontario Energy Board to increase the confidence of the regulatory community.  Instead, new governance  arrangements closed the door on impartial, unbiased, and independent decision making. In this report, Ms. Taylor explores how this was done and why it should matter to Ontario customers.

A Square Peg for a Round Hole
October 4, 2021

The governance structure of the Alberta Energy Regulator was the inspiration for Ontario Bill 87 - Fixing the Hydro Mess Act, 2019.  Ms. Taylor explores  AER's governance structure and its regulatory scheme to determine whether they are appropriate and fit for purpose by a regulator like the Ontario Energy Board.

Submission to the OEB Modernization Review Panel 
April 26, 2018

In 2018, Ms. Taylor was invited to make a submission to the Ontario government's OEB Modernization Review Panel.  With the new OEB governance structure now fully implemented, it is finally appropriate to make that submission available for public consideration.